This is the RPG User Interface (RPGUI) project. My goal is to develop a collection of API's that allow the RPG programmer to easily talk to various user interfaces. The first attempt will be talking with ExtJS (www.extjs.com). Subsequent pursuits will include a Java desktop client and Adobe Flex.

Here, to your right, you will find a set of RPG service programs from both myself and Mihael Schmidt (owner of www.rpgnextgen.com). I am in the early stages of moving forward with this, but if you have any questions please email me at aaronbartell@mowyourlawn.com. The December 2009 issue of IBMSystemsMag has my first article published about this new tool. They don't publish the magazine articles on the web until a few weeks after the paper version has been out. I will post a link as soon as I have it.

--update 2010-01-15--
More press from Chris Smith of MCPressOnline.com (thanks Chris)! You can check it out here.

--update 2010-01-11--
Just recieved some good press from Alex Woodie of ITJungle (thanks Alex)! You can check it out here.

--update 2009-12-31--
Found another nice open source solution that is similar to RPGUI named PowerExt. It has a lot of nice features and is well written. There is the potential that RPGUI could use some compoents from PowerExt (specifically the ExtJS code generation portions). Because the PowerExt user manual was hard to locate I thought I would include it here.

--update 2009-12-29--
I am making efforts at getting a host of tools setup in SourceForge.net so we can more easily support RPGUI. Specifically I have deep linked to a variety of interest areas (i.e. Documentation, Support, Downloads, Feature requests, etc). SourceForge.net is COMPLICATED to navigate for newbies (well, ok, I am not a newbie to SourceForge, but even I get lost on that site). With that said I have created links off to the far right of this page under the SourceForge.net Resources heading.

--update 2009-12-23--
Good news! I have just worked out an arrangement with a company to fund initial development of RPGUI ! Why is this good news? Well, it means I can actually afford to spend time on the code base instead of trying to fit it in "around the edges". I hope to eventually get to either monthly or bi-monthly releases of RPGUI in 2010.

--update 2009-12-18--
I have added a link to the first IBMSystemsMag article at the far right of this page (IBMSystemsMag article #1). Also, the RPGUI code base will be added to sourceforge.net in the next month so others can contribute and also more easily download and compile the latest versions onto their machines (RDi + iSeries Projects + SVN works great for this!).

--update 2009-11-30--
I have added the RPGUI_v0.02b.zip file to the right which corresponds to the second article about RPGUI - set to be published in January I believe.




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IBMSystemsMag article #1
IBMSystemsMag article #2


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