MowYourLawn has been around since 2002 when I first released RPGMail. Since then I've published many other RPG open source projects, some that are listed below.

In the 2012 timeframe I started doing a lot more PASE (aka Linux) stuff on IBM i and now that's where the majority of my efforts are focused. You can learn more at

About Aaron Bartell

Aaron Bartell directs hands-on application development services using open source technologies for companies running on IBM i. Through consulting engagements, Aaron jump-starts development initiatives while serving as an extension of internal development teams. Aaron facilitates adoption of open source technologies through internal staff training, speaking engagements at conferences, and the authoring of best practices within IBM i industry publications and As Director of IBM i Innovation for Krengeltech, Aaron pursues initiatives which enable IBM i shops to embrace today’s leading technologies including Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Git. Aaron is a passionate advocate of modern technologies and presently architecting Litmis Spaces - a turn-key open source development environment for IBM i in the cloud. Connect with Aaron via email at

Aaron lives with his wife and five children in Southern Minnesota. He enjoys the vast amounts of laughter having a young family brings, along with camping and music. He believes there's no greater purpose than to give of our life and time to help others.

RPG Open Source Downloads

Here are the open source tools on this site.


RPG Mail

RPG service program that interfaces with the JavaMail API's from Sun. You can send as many attachments as you like or send to as many people as you wish.

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RPG Chart Engine

RPG service program that interfaces with the API's. Three (3) types of reports available (i.e. pie, bar, XY), but it would be quite easy to add more.

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RPG program that interfaces with the open source twitter4j API's. After you have installed the tool, sending a tweet is as simple as the following command: TWEETME4I TXT('Where are my feathers!?!')

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