QR codes are all the craze with many consumer and business purposes. This page introduces you to my latest open source effort named QR4i which aims to show how easy it is to create QR codes from RPG on IBMi.

Here you will find an RPG program I created that interfaces with the open source Zxing API's. The interfaces are pretty darn straight forward and restriction-less (is that a word?). After you have installed the tool, sending a tweet is as simple as the following command:

QR4I TXT('This is a test') FILE('/home/QRCode_thisisatest.png') WIDTH(200) HEIGHT(200) FMT(PNG)

If you have any questions email me at aaronbartell@mowyourlawn.com.




QR4i Zip File (v1.00)

QR4i Article 1
QR4i Article 2
Real-World QR Codes

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