Who Am I
Hi I am Aaron Bartell. I quite enjoy programming which is why I have taken the time to develop all of the different projects on this site and make them available at no charge to the community. I also enjoy writing articles on the topics I program in, and you can see my various pieces of work by going to the Tutorials page or visit the blog. I am starting to venture into the "speaking" arena with my first conference being the 2006 RPG & Beyond Web Conference which is nice because it is hard to throw fruit at a guy that isn't tangibly in front of you ;-)

I live in Minnesota and have a wife, four children (7yrs, 5yrs, 3yrs, 0yrs) and enjoy listening to music, riding motorcycle (when it is working), and playing music (acoustic guitar, and electric bass).

As of late (since the release of RPG-XML Suite) I have been doing a lot of consulting along the lines of RPG web services. If your company has need to do web services (calling or offering) I can assist. Please send an email to aaron@rpg-xml.com for inquiries. I also do a fair amount of Java programming and if your company has need of that please shoot me an email.

Did any of my projects save you time? Do you wish you could pay me back in some way but don't have time to help out with coding? Click the PayPal Donate button below and contribute to my efforts so I can continue to provide useful tools.



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