Allows RPG to communicate with next generation user interfaces like the browser and mobile devices (i.e. Android, iPhone, etc)

Twitter is all the craze with many people (not only young people anymore). Twitter is often used as a marketing or notification mechanism for businesses. Regardless of how you use it, you need to be able to easily "tweet" from your RPG applications and that is what TweetMe4i is all about.

QR codes are all the craze with many consumer and business purposes. This page introduces you to my latest open source effort named QR4i which aims to show how easy it is to create QR codes from RPG on IBMi.

Recently I was working on a project for a customer that I found others on also needed. In particular, I was creating a quick, easy way to convert a CGIDEV2 html stream to a PDF so it could be e-mailed. Now, the code required to pull this off is fairly insignificant, but the time it may have taken someone else to put together the same solution might have been much more if they didn't have my background with RPG and Java.

This provides an easy to use interface for sending mail out utilizing the JavaMail API's. Current monthly downloads of RPGMail are in the 40 to 50 range. Not too shabby!

RPG Chart Engine
Generate pie charts, bar graphs and much more with the RPG Chart Engine (uses JFreeChart behind the scenes)

RPG To Desktop
Call any application on a user's desktop from RPG

System i SVN
Free source change management for your native code.

Webservice Unit Tester
Test your web services with a GUI thick client in a raw fashion.

RPG Dynamic Arrays
Eases the need for dynamic arrays from within RPG. Current monthly downloads of RPG Dynamic Arrays are in the 10 to 25 range. Let me know your thoughts on this tool!

Backup RPG Code To PC
Automate the process of backing up your iSeries source physical files to a remote FTP server.



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